I can't wait to find your next vehicle! Similar to a dating site, I need to get to know you better so I can find your perfect match. Please fill out the questions below!

1. What best describes you when it comes to automobiles? 


2. Do you know what automobile you want but need some help finding the right one?

If you don't know exactly what you want like most people, leave this one blank. If you do tell us what you’re looking for, you'll still need to complete the rest of the questionnaire either way.

3. What will be the main purpose of this vehicle?

If you don't see an option for you, select other & fill in the blank with something more specific. 


4. Are you interested in a certain TYPE of automobile?

If you’re not sure, select No Preference, and we'll figure out the best type of vehicle for you.


5. What characteristics would best describe your vehicle? 
Ex. Exotic, comfort, efficiency, rugged, reliable, sporty, simplicity, luxurious, etc.  

6. What is your budget?

Be slightly conservative. Leave a little room for other expenses like maintenance, repairs, and insurance costs. $1,000 budget is the minimum vehicle value we search for. We believe the best price range to get the most value out of a reliable used vehicle intended for commuting and daily driving is currently, most often found between Ex. $4000-$10,000.  

7. What age range of vehicle are you comfortable with?

Example - 2005-2015, or 2008+ vehicles. If you don’t care about the age of the vehicle just put any age. In terms of reliability, the age of the vehicle is not as much of a factor as the manufactures build quality, how the vehicle was taken care of and maintained over its lifetime. We only look for the best and take all of that into consideration. The more common sacrifices that come with an older vehicle is less new features found on modern cars, sometimes lower MPG, performance, decreased safety features in some cases, and sometimes a less comfortable ride. Again we take everything into consideration and try to pick listings with minimal drawbacks if you do decide to go with an older vehicle. When we say old we are referring to vehicles 10+ years old. 

8. How important on a scale of 0 - 10 is efficiency. 

9. Do you have a power source preference?

If your not sure choose no preference and we will figure it out!


10. Do you have a certain engine preference? 

If your not sure choose no preference and we will figure it out!


11. Do you have a transmission preference? 

If your not sure choose no preference!


12. Are you open to manual transmission vehicles or do you require an automatic?

Please only choose what you’re comfortable with. Buying a manual without knowing how to drive it takes a lot of practice and it might take a while before you’re able to drive around normally. I bought a manual sports car before I knew how to drive stick, but thankfully I owned another automatic car to alternate as needed.


13. Do you have a drivetrain preference?

If your not sure choose no preference and we will figure it out!


14. Any specific brand, make, or model you DONT want?

We only choose the best brands, makes & models of vehicles, don’t worry if you’re not sure!

15. Open to importing a vehicle from another country?

We really only recommend this if you live near a border of the neighboring country or if the vehicle is either rare and expensive. Sometimes this helps if the currency exchange is in your favor for example the U.S and Canada. However, importing a car involves a lot of paperwork and is definitely not the best for someone new.


16. Are you open to having a vehicle shipped/delivered to you from another state?

We don’t recommend this if you need your vehicle immediately because this process takes more time. However, buying a vehicle in another state if you live in an expensive area can save you money even with the addition of shipping costs. 


20. How far are you willing to travel to pick up a vehicle?

Having a larger search radius gives you far more options and better deals. We suggest an 80-120+ mile radius. You’re not buying a T-shirt, it’s a car, you will hopefully use it for years. It’s important and you shouldn’t be afraid to dedicate a day or two if you want the best vehicle you can get at a great price. But please only put what you’re comfortable with. We understand it can be difficult to travel, especially if you currently rely on public transportation. 

21. Would you consider salvage branded vehicles?

Salvage vehicles are vehicles that have been totaled in accidents and then repaired again for road use. Salvage vehicles are much cheaper, the best way to think of them is like a refurbished cell phone. They can still have problems but we try to pick out the best ones for you that involved minimal damage and sometimes just total because of the vehicle's value. This may not be the best option for everyone but it can save you lots of money. 


22. Do you require that your vehicle come with or be eligible for a warranty? 

There are many types of warranties for vehicles. manufacture warranties are the best and offered by the vehicle manufacturer. Aftermarket warranties are offered by third party companies and vary in quality. Manufacturer warranties are usually only offered for nearly new vehicles that are only a few years old. Aftermarket warranties are usually for vehicles 5-15 years old. If your vehicles is older than that it may not be eligible. A vehicle with a warranty or eligible for a warranty means a higher price that may be out of your budget.


23. Additional notes, preferences, options, or specifics?

If there’s anything else you want us to know so we can help you find the perfect vehicle, now is the time! Color preferences, heated seats, sunroof, lift kit, leather seats, etc. We will look for these options but please note we may be unable to find exactly what you're looking for depending on the specification you are seeking. Please state if it is a requirement or preference. Ex. wheelchair accessible lift is a requirement. If you require certain specifics it may limit your options. Also please check your spelling and grammar so there is no confusion, thank you! 

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